MTE Mainland Exchange Program

The features of our service include:

  • Collaboration with 50+ mainland schools 與超過50間內地學校合作
  • Reception by mainland departments or schools, enabling exchanges with officials, school teachers and students 獲內地部門或學校接待,可與部門職員、學校師生交流
  • Collaboration with qualification recognized by mainland authorities, with many years of experience and AAAA travel agencies for reception and organization 獲國內合資格、具多年經驗及AAAA級大型旅行社合作及接待
  • Customizable itineraries in terms of themes, duration, attractions, transportation, accommodation standards, and budget 可自訂行程主題、日數、景點、交通、住宿規格及預算
  • There is no minimum or maximum group size for the tour 行程沒有最少或最多的成團人數限制
  • Partial fees charged separately for easy comparison and cost-saving 部份費用分拆式收費,方便比較並節省開支
  • Providing multiple quotes at once to simplify and expedite bidding procedures 一次過列出多方報價,令招標程序更簡單方便快捷
  • All-inclusive fees covering communication, group package expenses, necessary items and services such as transportation, accommodation, meals, insurance, tickets, tour leader and guide, pre-trip briefing, learning materials, etc. 包含一切交流團包團費用及所需物品及服務,如交通、住宿、餐飲、保險、門票、領隊及導遊、行前會、學習材料等
  • Photos and videos will be taken during the trip, and create a private travel video capturing every moment of the journey, preserving beautiful memories 行程中會拍照和錄影,並製成不公開的旅行影片,捕捉旅途中的每一瞬間,留下美好的回憶

To better understand your exchange plans and provide you with perfect customized services, please fill out the following information. Thank you!