Dog Training Crash Course

How to deal with puppy bite

Hello everyone, welcome to my lesson. So today I’m going to talk to you about the issue of puppy bite. I didn’t actually think that this problem matters at first. Because I think that there is nothing to solve the issue of puppy bite. After six months, this problem will disappear by itself.

However, it turns out that many people do not have enough knowledge about the problem of puppy bite. They don’t know how to deal with this problem correctly. So today I just want to tell everyone what is puppy bite, and then how should you go for it. Then let’s talk about it first. Puppy bite is very normal in dogs. If you just took a puppy home and he did not bite, you should take him to the vet. Puppy bite is actually a way for puppies to feel the world and explore the world. Just like humans, humans have the same habits. Humans' newborn babies will put their hands in their mouths, or put the toy in their mouths when they pick it up.

So the correct way to treat puppy bite is that you discourage puppy bite. You do have a way to communicate with your dog. Sometimes he bites you and it really hurts. At this time, you can tell him to be lighter. When they are young, they will have some interactions with their parents and their siblings. These interactions allow them to learn from each other. Their parents will also teach them some behaviors that dogs should have. When the two puppies play together, they like to bite each other, but of course, they are not really biting. When a dog is suddenly bitten too hard by another dog, then the dog will ask not to bite too hard.

If your dog is going to bite you, what should you do to deal with it correctly? I am not going to teach you how to stop him. Because even if you tell him that you hurt, he will still bite. But this is to give him an education. When you play with your dogs, you can prepare a toy. Then let him bite his toy. You should never clean this toy because when you wash it, it tastes different. He will not know this is his toy. He getting interested in toys may take a little time. If he really bites your hand, you must not shrink your hands. If you shrink your hands like this, it will cause him a reaction to chase. Dogs like the kind of things that move, and he will think that you will play with him again. Once he develops the habit of chasing your hands it will be a big problem in the future. If he just bites a little bit, you don’t need to be so nervous. If he bites you, then you have to tell him that I hurt. You can say "Ouch!". The more you exaggerate, the better. Then you tell him that I feel pain, please lighten it. But your hand can't be shrunk, you have to continue to put your hand there. Then he will be stunned and you can praise him at this time.

Puppies bite is really ordinary, very normal. Don’t scold him, don’t hit him. Those are useless. Instead, you want to satisfy their curiosity when they are puppies, let them chew. And then give them something they can bite to play with. This is the most important thing. 

This is the transcript of dog training crash course by Henry Ma, a professional dog trainer in Hong Kong 



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