Guinea Pig Training Crash Course

How to potty train your guinea pig

Many of us are interested in potty training guinea pigs. We want to learn the secret of success. Let's learn more about potty trained for guinea pigs.

We tend to expect our guinea pigs to do all of their business in their litter box. But unfortunately, it is not easy. Some guinea pigs are more likely to do anything they like despite the fact that guinea pigs are very clean animals. You will end up finding poos outside of their litter tray or bathroom corner. However, there are some tips that will help you to potty train. You'll have a cleaner environment.

For the litter box, you can start by observing your guinea pigs and see where they normally go to the bathroom. You should notice a pile of poo. For finding a good little tray and bedding, you can try to choose something that will fit your guinea pigs' cage because it can make your guinea pigs feel more comfortable. Also, the size of the layer tray should not be too big. If so, cut the excess edge off. This will make it short enough for them to get into the tray.

Just put your little box in that corner. Keep up the little tray. You should only clean out the little tray every three days or so you can dump out what is in the little tray and replenish it with new little. You should only watch the tray every other week. This will make sure that there smell we remain on the tray and they likely go back to it. You can place a blanket or towel over their bathroom corner for sanitary reasons.

Usually, it took at least two or three months to get guinea pigs doing their fully business in the bathroom corner. I completely stopped using a little tray as my cage. Be patient and keep in mind that although guinea pigs are clean animals. Some guinea pigs might never learn to use the litter tray. Don't punish them or yell at them. They don't understand why they absolutely need to go to the potty in the same place. All the time you can also encourage good behavior by giving them treats whenever they use the litter box.

Thank you for listening to me and I hope this will help you train new guinea pigs. See you soon. 

This is the transcript of guinea pig training crash course by Tony Chan, a professional animal expert in Hong Kong 



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