Parrot Training Crash Course

How to teach your parrot to talk

Today I ’m going to teach you how to effectively teach our birds to speak. First of all, I’d like to tell you that not every kind of parrot can speak. Many people’s impression is that parrots should be able to speak very well. But the ability of parrots to speak depends on the species of parrot. Like a small bird, his tongue structure is not so developed. His brain is not as strong as a large bird. His learning ability is also relatively low. So before we train the birds, we must first know whether this kind of bird will speak. Well, let’s first give a few examples of talking birds. Among the small parrots, the Monk Parakeet’s ability to learn to speak is better than others. His sound is relatively loud. Next is medium and large parrots, such as Grey Parrot and Blue-and-yellow Macaw, they have thick tongues and strong speaking ability. Their brain is also relatively developed with five to seven years old children's IQ. These parrots speak much better than small parrots. So it will be easier to teach these parrots.

How do we teach the parrot to speak next? The first method is that we teach word by word. When we want to teach him "Hello", we will teach him for a long time. Using the method of word by word can make him more impressed. For the second method, we need to use situational teaching. For example, I want to teach him to say thank you. When I give him food, I say thank you to him. The birds like to interact with people will also have a stronger desire to learn to speak. Because he wants to interact with people or to get the food in your hand. You give him sunflower seeds and say thank you to him. If he says "thank you", just like you, give more seeds him as a reward. This is the so-called situational teaching. Then we can also use machines to help us teach parrots to speak. There are many recorders on the market, and there are many machines that can help parrots learn. These machines can be played repeatedly every day to help the parrot learn to speak. When teaching birds to talk, a happy atmosphere can also help birds learn. When parrots learn to talk, he will also imitate your volume and tone.

Even if your parrot does not speak today, you must give him food, as usual, every day. We need to treat our parrot like a family member. Their ability of speaking can not be used as a tool to show off or please humans. So please take good care of your own birds. 

This is the transcript of parrot training crash course by Joan Lui, a professional bird trainer in Hong Kong 



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