Dinner with CEO of Financial Institution, Friends of Mytheast

Donate to support Buddhist art conservation
and join the dinner with CEO of Financial Institution

The dinner will be held in Hong Kong Island from 7:00 to 9:30 pm on 13 December 2019.

Maximum of 10 Participants
Remaining Places: 4

About The Guest

Dr. SK Li, CEO of Financial Institution

Dr. SK Li is working for a well-established financial institution with assets under administration over HK$500 billion.

As at the end of 2016, its international financial parent group’s assets reached over RMB8 trillion and has set up about 200 domestic branches. Currently, it has set up many overseas entities in different countries and regions, including branches in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Frankfurt, Sydney, and London. Also, it was honored “Top 500 Global Companies” by FORTUNE.

What makes this dinner meaningful?

Your donation will support Dunhuang grottoes conservation and repair, cave and environment protection.

You can socialize with Dr. Li and other political and business leaders and professionals in a fine dining restaurant.

You will be acknowledged on Mytheast website and email newsletter. Our subscribers, from government officers to enterprisers will know your generosity. (Optional) 

Why Buddhist art conservation matters?

After Buddhism was introduced to China, it formed 3 schools: Han Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism. Buddha statues of different schools have different styles and appearances.

Since The Wei, Chin Southern and Northern dynasties (220-589 AD), Buddhist art in China have been merged with Chinese traditional culture. The Buddha statues constantly blend with ancient Chinese art and culture, and gradually forms an artistic system with Chinese characteristics.

Chinese Buddha statue is not only the great cultural treasure of China but also the world heritage.

Mytheast is dedicated to East Asian Buddhist art conservation. We have shouldered the three great missions of protecting, studying and promoting East Asian Buddhist art, step by step introducing it to the world and also allowing the world to move closer to it. 

We are pleased to say that our mission has received wide support from many political and business leaders.  

Chinese Civilization is one of the oldest civilizations on earth, where foreign and local cultures from all over the ancient worlds converged into a unique and profound Chinese Culture. Buddhism was first introduced into China from the West and now Chinese Buddhism has found its root and life in modern China. What Mytheast is doing can definitely be a bridge for us to tap into the ancient worlds of rich culture and civilization.

Mr. Thomas CHEUNG Tsun Yung

China is an ancient civilization with history of more than 5,000 years. Since the Han dynasty, Buddhism has interacted with all levels of Chinese culture. Chinese Buddhist art is internationally recognized as a valuable cultural heritage. Chinese Buddhist art is the legacy from the past, and what we should pass on to future generations.

Dr. KO Wing Man

The Silk Road is a treasure trove of traditional Chinese Buddhist art and a place of vibrant economic activities and cultural exchange in the past and in the future. To promote and advocate In-depth sustainable tourism, I hope more people can journey to these sites of traditional Buddhist art and appreciate the cultural heritage along the route.

Dr. Simon SHEN Xu Hui