Membership Rewards Program

By participating in Membership Rewards Program, you can earn fabulous rewards!
This program is only applicable to Friends Of Mytheast and Standard Membership, but not Free Trial Membership.
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  • For New Registered Members Only

Once enrolled, you will immediately get 100 points. When you get 200 points, you can cash out your rewards.



***** Once you cancel the membership, this 100 points will be lost. You cannot get it back even you sign up again.

  • 10 Points = $1 Reward + Donation

You can transfer your points to redeem a cash reward. 10 points can be transferred to USD $1.

You can cash out your rewards when you have at least $20 of available rewards at the end of a given month. Reward amounts below $20 are rolled over to next month. You will receive your cash rewards via PayPal.

Also, whenever you get 10 points, we will donate USD $1 for Buddhist art conservation or animal protection.

The more points, the more support you have for Buddhist art and culture, veganism or animal rights. 

  • $1 Spent On Mytheast = 1 Point

Also, you can earn 1 point for every USD $1 spent on Mytheast (not included shipping fee) after joining our paid membership.  

Terms and Conditions

Mytheast reserves the right to vary, modify or terminate any of the Membership Rewards Program, and to amend any of these Terms and Conditions herein from time to time without prior notice. In case of any disputes, including the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, Mytheast's decision and record shall be final and binding.