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NoneUSD $12 Amazon Gift CardUSD $ 30 Amazon Gift Card


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USD $6 Amazon Gift CardUSD $15 Amazon Gift CardUSD $30 Amazon Gift Card

* Only applicable to Friends Of Mytheast and Standard Membership.

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Terms and Conditions

Referrer must complete the Online Member-Get-Member Referral Registration Form (the “Online Registration Form”) to the Referee joins the Membership(s) (unless otherwise specified). Upon successful submission of the Online Registration Form, Referrer will receive an email with a hyperlink and a Referral Number (“Referral Number”) relating to the Online Referral Program. Referrer must forward that hyperlink and the Referral Number to Referee. All rewards will be paid as a eGift Card within 25 working days.

Referee must (a) successfully register or pay for one or more of the memberships the Referee wishes to apply through designated web page as stated in the email or via the hyperlink received and forwarded by Referrer; and (b) fulfil any additional requirements specified in the additional Terms and Conditions of the respective Online Referral Programs.

Referrers cannot refer themselves as Referees. Referrers and Referees who refer each other to sign up for any of the New Service(s) will not be eligible for the Online Referral Programs. A Referee who has been successfully referred by a Referrer cannot be repeatedly referred by the same Referrer or other Referrer(s). A Referee who has been repeatedly referred by more than one Referrer, all Referrers of the same Referee will not be eligible for the Online Referral Programs. The Referee must NOT hold Friends Of Mytheast or Standard Membership in the past 12 months from the date of joining the Membership(s).

Mytheast reserves the right to vary, modify or terminate any of the Online Referral Programs, and to amend any of these Terms and Conditions herein from time to time without prior notice. In case of any disputes, including the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, Mytheast's decision and record shall be final and binding.