Pet Training and Health Information Service 

Every pet parent wants their fur babies to stay healthy and become well-behaved. It is not an easy task. The help and advice from professionals such as vets are necessary. However, pet health care service is expensive, it imposes a great financial burden on pet parents. 

According to the ASPCA, just the routine costs of owning a dog can be upwards of $1,000 per year. Most dog owners will experience at least one $2,000 emergency during their pet’s lifetime. Mytheast believes that all creatures have the right to live. Animal health care service should not be a high priced service. It is one of our visions. We provide a PROFESSIONAL BUT FREE pet training and health information service.

 Mytheast has been acknowledged by The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, a statutory body in the public service in Hong Kong. Our pet training and health information service includes:


1. PROFESSIONAL AND UPDATED pet training and health information from verified vets, frontline animal care workers, trainers and other pet experts via our newsletter every month.

It presents in a simple and concise manner and is easy to understand. The information provided by us is practical experience but not theoretical knowledge. 


2. Asking the vets, pet trainers and animal care workers any questions FOR FREE.

Prevention is better than cure! You are welcome to ask any questions about how to make your fur babies stay healthy, but not just about how to deal with illness.


Many online vet services are just asking you to go to the vet clinic and it cannot resolve your problems.

Mytheast is dedicated to resolving your concerns and problems. Over 60% of concerns of our users can be resolved digitally. You can avoid the hassle and cost of unnecessary vet visits.  

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All Creatures On Earth Are Equal
They Have An Equal Right To Live

Mytheast believes that humans do have a duty to serve, protect and care for animals. We hope animals around the world, including your fur babies, do not suffer anymore.

If you agree with our vision, you can join Friends Of Mytheast. A part of the fees will be used for rescuing animals around the world. You are supporting animal protection and promoting animal rights.

We cooperate and support many organization to rescue endangered, homeless and disabled animals around the world. Many of them were on the verge of death but now they stay healthy and get respect and love again. Until now we support rescuing many animals, including:


Booboo gets saved, cured and trained.
Formerly he always barked at others with no reason, but now he is well-behaved.


Kitty gets saved, cured and trained.
Formerly she got cat flu, but now she stays healthy again.


Barry gets saved, cured and trained.
Formerly he was afraid of touch, but now he always shows a smiling face.

Our mission is about to be achieved 

One of our missions is to build a world of equality. It is not only the equality between people but also the equality between creatures. 

Good news of animals and environment


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You also expressly acknowledge and agree that in the case where one of the Pet Experts who is a licensed veterinarian answers your question(s), a veterinarian-client patient relationship will NOT be established, and that our service will NOT be able to diagnose, treat, or prescribe any medication for your pet.