God’s Hand

MAY 26, 2020


God’s medication

For calming the brain,

Taming the insane.

So hard to do,

Sit still- be you.

Well that’s the key, don’t you see?

The action is in being,

The verb phrase ‘to be,’

Contemplate on that,

Will it set you free-

from the person you’ve built with your mind,

To the limits and constrictions of the concept time.

What do YOU know of time?

How can the mind truly describe,

What it cannot understand?

The spirit is beyond, the mind of man,

Here is the plan:

Go within,

Sit, breathe, and try again,

Again and again.

We call it a practice,

There is no end, to really master it-

Will only take you beyond,

To a higher rhelm,

You may wish to go,

But you need to already know,

It’s already here, you’re already there.

Fine tune, adjust your lens,

There is only now,

It’s time to begin.

Stop thinking, dreaming, scheming,

Pause. Now go within. 

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