BY Grace Wong
JUNE 16, 2020


- 2 pieces tortilla
- 6 oz sweet potato (steamed and peeled)
- 1 avocado (peeled and cored)
- 4 tbs almond butter
- 1/4 red pepper (seeded and diced)
- A handful of mint leaves (chopped)
- 2 tbs slivered almonds
- 1 tsp Indian black salt


1. In a bowl, put in cooked sweet potato and mash until no big pieces are left. Add in salt and blend well. In another bowl, put in avocado and mash until smooth. Set aside.
2. Spread almond butter evenly over both tortillas.
3. Spoon mashed sweet potato over one tortilla and spread evenly to the edge.
4. Add in mashed avocado and evenly spread over the sweet potato.
5. Sprinkle red pepper, mint leaves and slivered almonds over top. Cover with the other tortilla; gently pressing down to stick. Cut into 8 triangles. Serve right away.
6. Enjoy!

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