The story of a teacher

By Pok Oi, an Asian Buddhist master

What are you pursuing in life? Money? Knowledge? Reputation? Authority? What are you willing to do for the rest of your life? Actually, sometimes the most important thing we want in life is simple.

A certain teacher, known for the simplicity of his ways, came to the village where a very learned scholar had a large following. The students of the learned man left their teacher to go to see this simple wandering man. While in his presence, they were struck by the love that flowed from him and were swept away by the love that he cultivated in their own hearts.

Seeing the effect this man was having on his students, the learned scholar went out to teach him a lesson. He asked questions that were meant to trick him with the complexity of the knowledge required to answer. The simple man simply replied, “All that is necessary is that you love completely.” The scholar tried again to ask another question, and the simple man again stated, “All that is necessary is that you love completely.” The scholar was getting frustrated, yet he could not help feeling a love in his heart that he had never felt before.

At that moment, the simple man asked the scholar to come up to him. As he came forward, the simple man touched him on the forehead, and the scholar tumbled to the ground with what seemed like convulsions. When he finally stood up, he said with tears in his eyes, “For years I have studied and studied the teachings, and in one moment, I understand more about them than I have in all those years. How is that possible?”

The simple teacher looked at him and just said, “All necessary is that you love completely.”

Love is necessary for us and we own it at birth. The Love from others and the love to others are valuable but simple. Love is the treasure of our life. 

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