OneSTEP Natural Loofah Washing Sheet (5 pieces)
OneSTEP Natural Loofah Washing Sheet (5 pieces)
OneSTEP Natural Loofah Washing Sheet (5 pieces)
OneSTEP Natural Loofah Washing Sheet (5 pieces)

OneSTEP Natural Loofah Washing Sheet (5 pieces)

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Brand Story
This is a brand minimizing the use of disposable plastic. It advocates the message of "One Step for the Change", encouraging consumers to do 1 more step by utilizing tools to avoid plastic trash for the positive change to the environment.

Plastic waste is a topic we all concern about. Other than the disposable cutlery, straws, plastic bags etc, the environmental impact brought about by the ordinary washing sponge, which is also made of plastic, should not be neglected. Plastic sponge is a consumable product. Plastic beads fall from the sponge during usage and ultimately enters the ocean. This leads to soil and water pollution.

OneSTEP Natural Loofah Washing Sheet is pure loofah plant fiber in its natural yellow-white color made by simple treatment and cutting. The manufacturing process does not involve adding any other materials. It is compostable and environmentally friendly. The loofah comes with cleansing effect and is naturally anti-bacterial, oil-free and odor-free. Loofah sheets can be used for the following purposes:

Material: 100% Loofah

Dimensions: 12 x 8.5 cm (+/- 0.5 cm; before soaked in water)

Package: 5 pieces/ pack + no. of cotton cords required. 

  • Every 5 washing sheets can come with maximum of 5 cotton cords.
  • The 100% cotton hanging cord facilitates the loofah sheet to be air-dried. 
  • The cotton cord is designed for repetitive usage.


  • Dish washing: Oil resistant, easy to remove oil/ dirt and so can apply less detergent 
  • Fruits and vegetables polishing: Suitable for polishing the surface of pears, apples, cucumbers,etc., It can effectively remove surface stains and residues.
  • Shower: Wipe off excess oil from the pores and remove keratin.
  • Washing stainless steel and coating stove: Remove oil stains from the kitchenware and stove without scratching the surface.



  • With water, the loofah sheet will be swollen to ~ 2-3 times of its original size. The increased in surface area facilitates its cleansing effect.
  • Apply a small amount of detergent on the loofah sheet. Wash the dishes until they are clean.
  • Apply shower gel to your body while bathing. Gently use the loofah sheet to massage your body. Use it 2 - 3 times a week for best results.



  • Squeeze out excess water after use. Air dry naturally.
  • Do not apply on sensitive or damaged skin. If you feel unwell, please stop using it.


Storage method:
Store in a cool dry place


Country of Origin:
Made in P.R.C



Vendor: Eco-Greenergy, a social enterprise in Hong Kong

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