PureBamboo Mask Filter Refill Pack (30 pcs)
PureBamboo Mask Filter Refill Pack (30 pcs)

PureBamboo Mask Filter Refill Pack (30 pcs)

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  Biodegradable Product. Ordinary mask filters and coronavirus waste end up polluting the land and ocean. Save our planet from this crisis.
Brand Story
PureBamboo is a Hong Kong company that provides natural bamboo products.

    1. Prevent PM 2.5
    2. Prevent pollen and allergen
    3. Prevent bacteria
    4. Prevent dust
    5. Prevent automobile exhaust 
    6. Prevent the spray of water and saliva

    【Design Features】
    1. Made of natural antibacterial bamboo pulp
    2. Unique embossed bamboo pattern design
    3. Strong Bamboo fiber
    4. Size: 10 x 5 cm
    5. 30 pcs/ pack

    Replace the filter every 4 hours.
    DO NOT CLEAN THE FILTER. Please dispose it if it gets wet. 


    • Ordinary Mask filters are non-biodegradable and pollute the land and ocean that is the same as single-use masks. Say NO to ordinary mask filters!
    • Fast-growing bamboo can help quickly replenish a forest stripped of timber. It can slow deforestation.
    • It is Nature, Sustainable & Biodegradable



    • Can be widely used in all outdoor and indoor sports, such as public transportation, shopping, commuting, business trip, travel, hiking, etc



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