The Profits of Mytheast Will Be Donated to Animal Protection

Mytheast Support Veganism, Animal Rights and Environmentalism.


Get A Eco-friendly Mask & Protect Our Planet

It is unfair: Single-use masks and non-biodegradable mask filters save our life but kill our buddies.

Globally we are using 129,000,000,000 face masks and 65,000,000,000 plastic gloves every month. Single-use plastic masks and mask filters are non-biodegradable. They take 450 years to decompose in nature.

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Mytheast provides 100% eco-friendly reusable masks and biodegradable mask filters

Mytheast collaborates with social enterprises. Now you can buy a pack of biodegradable mask filters ($15) and get 1 reusable mask ($32.5) FOR FREE. You can also get the unlimited biodegradable mask filters for free and for a lifetime.

** The quantity of mask: Less than 40 **

*** All profits will be donated to protect the ocean and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin after cost deduction.

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