Our Vision

As an old saying goes,
"Everyone can be a Buddha."

Imagine a world without exploitation, discrimination, injustice, and inequality, where everyone enjoys happiness and rights. Mytheast wants to build a world of equality for ourselves and future generations. It is not only the equality between people but also the equality between creatures. We concern about social inequality and environmental issues around the world. We cooperate with many international charitable organizations to achieve the goal of a world of true equality.  

Ethical Consumption

Mytheast will donate at least 10% profits to NGOs to support charity such as animals protection, Buddhism development and Buddhist art conservation. Over 100,000 people are already with us. In Mytheast, consumption is directly proportional to giving. Customers can do good deeds while getting high-quality products. To express our gratitude and appreciation to our valuable customers for their generosity, a Thank You Card will be made and sent to them for every purchase in Mytheast.

Preserving traditional Buddhist art for both ourselves and future generations

Mytheast is dedicated to East Asian Buddhist art conservation. We have shouldered the three great missions of protecting, studying and promoting East Asian Buddhist art, step by step introducing it to the world and also allowing the world to move closer to it.

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Friends of Mytheast

People can join us and support our work. They can receive our latest news and offers, and obtain higher priority to join our programs.

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