Our Vision

Preserving traditional culture and conserving wildlife for future generations


Mytheast is dedicated to East Asian traditional culture conservation. We have shouldered the three great missions of protecting, studying and promoting East Asian traditional culture, step by step introducing it to the world and also allowing the world to move closer to it.

Also, Mytheast believes that all living creatures may live together in harmony. We promote kindness and prevents cruelty to endangered, homeless and disabled animals. Animals should not be considered as the possessions of humankind. They deserve respect and love.

Let the traditional art and culture and beautiful world pass through generations.

Ethical Consumption & Cruelty-free Economy

cruelty-free economy

“May all that have life be delivered from suffering.” -Buddha

Mytheast is dedicated to supporting ethical and vegan businesses and promoting the green, vegan and cruelty-free economy. We provide high-quality green and cruelty-free products at an attractive price in order to get more people to join this circle and agree with animal rights.

Mytheast will donate at least 25% of the profits to NGOs to support animal protection, Buddhism development and Buddhist art conservation. In Mytheast, consumption is directly proportional to giving. Customers can do good deeds while getting high-quality products.

As an old saying goes,
"Everyone can be a Buddha."


Imagine a world without exploitation, discrimination, injustice, and inequality, where everyone enjoys happiness and rights. Mytheast wants to build a world of equality for ourselves and future generations. It is not only the equality between people but also the equality between creatures. We concern about social inequality and environmental issues around the world. We cooperate with many international charitable organizations to achieve the goal of a world of true equality. Also, Mytheast provides some services in order to let all animals not suffer anymore.