We Give Back

“May all that have life be delivered from suffering.”
- Buddha

Buddha believes that all living creatures may live together in harmony. Mytheast promotes kindness and prevents cruelty to endangered, homeless and disabled animals. Animals should not be considered as the possessions of humankind. They deserve respect and love. 

We guarantee that at least 25% of the profits of our products or services will be donated to protect animals.

We firmly believe that protecting animals worldwide and promoting animal rights and the cruelty-free economy will have the most meaningful, long-term return on investment. 

As a result, we are currently involved in many projects with different NGOs. Our long-term goal is to figure out the most efficient and least expensive method to let all animals do not suffer anymore. 

Support the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to protect the World Heritage 

Mytheast supports and donates to UNESCO for protecting the World Heritage, including the Mogao Caves, natural reserves and wildlife refuges around the world.

Protect Sumatran tigers in the wild

The proceeds of our animal-friendly products will be donated to International Tiger Project for protecting Sumatran tigers. 

Adopt wild tigers

The proceeds of our animal-friendly products will be donated to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for adopting tigers. We keep donating monthly and hope it can help conserve their habitat, something which benefits both people and nature.

Protect elephants

Mytheast supports International Elephant Project for protecting elephants in the wild.

Protect polar bears

Mytheast supports The Canadian Polar Bear Habitat for protecting wild polar bears. 

Protect wild dolphins

The proceeds of our animal-friendly products will be donated to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for protecting wild dolphins and its habitat.

Support rebuilding forests in Sumatra

Mytheast supports World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for rebuilding forests in Sumatra and helping the Sumatran tiger population to continue thriving there.

Forever against trading and eating wildlife in East Asia

Mytheast is dedicated to promoting the ban on trading and eating wildlife, cat and dog meat in East Asia and elsewhere. We connect and share the ideas of animal rights and veganism with many political and business leaders around the world. Also, our profits are used to collaborate with influencers to put anti-trading and eating wildlife, cat and dog meat messages across to East Asian people.

Until now, these messages reach over 107,000 people. We succeeded in encouraging more East Asian people to agree with putting trading and eating wildlife, cat and dog meat under a boycott.

Support Buddhism development

Mytheast supports Buddhist art conservation and Buddhism development. The proceeds of our Buddhist artwork will be donated to related organizations, including Plum Village.

Eco-friendly recycling

Live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and save our planet and other creatures. Mytheast supports eco-friendly recycling actions. Some of our products are supported by the following recycling actions which make use of recycled materials for product manufacture.

We work together, the world gets better.