Business with Mytheast

Why Mytheast? 

Our website get high ranking for the keywords related to "Chinese Buddha statue" or "Chinese Buddhist art" in Google or Yahoo search
在 Google 或 Yahoo 以英語搜尋 "中國佛像" 或 "中國佛教藝術" 等關鍵字時,我們網站獲得高排名

Our website can reach over 120,000 people per day*

Over 3,000 local and foreign political and business leaders have subscribed to us

We have been acknowledged by HKTDC to be an export agent

*[Source of data: Google Analytics statistics from 22/06/2020, click here to read the related report
資料來源:Google Analytics 於 22/06/2020 當日之數據,按此檢視相關報告]

If you would like to launch advertisement on Mytheast website or have any enquiry related to cooperation or sponsorship, please feel free to contact us at
若您有興趣在 Mytheast 網站刊登廣告或進行任何有關合作或贊助的查詢,歡迎透過電郵至 與我們聯絡。 

Mytheast is also a selling platform which helps individuals and businesses for promoting and selling their products to the world. You can list your products on Mytheast.
Mytheast 同時是一個銷售平台,我們致力幫助個人或企業向世界宣傳和銷售他們的產品。您可以在 Mytheast 列出您的產品。

4 steps to list on Mytheast

1. Apply for listing 申請上架
2. Get approval 獲批上架
3. Sign agreement 簽署協議
4. Start listing 開始上架

You can email to for further information.
欲了解詳情,請發送電郵至 查詢。