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Why Mytheast? 

Our website get high ranking for the keywords related to "Chinese Buddha statue" or "Chinese Buddhist art" in Google or Yahoo search
在 Google 或 Yahoo 以英語搜尋 "中國佛像" 或 "中國佛教藝術" 

Over 3000 local and foreign political and business leaders and collectors have subscribed us

We have been acknowledged by HKTDC to be an export agent for Buddha statue

If you would like to launch advertisement on Mytheast website and Facebook or have any enquiry related to cooperation or sponsorship, please feel free to contact us at
若您有興趣在 Mytheast 網站或 Facebook 刊登廣告或進行任何有關合作或贊助的查詢,歡迎透過電郵至 與我們聯絡。 

Mytheast is also a selling platform which helps individuals and businesses for promoting and selling their products to the world. You can list your products on Mytheast.
Mytheast 同時是一個銷售平台,我們致力幫助個人或企業向世界宣傳和銷售他們的產品。您可以在 Mytheast 列出您的產品。

4 steps to list on Mytheast

1. Apply for listing 申請上架
2. Get approval 獲批上架
3. Sign agreement 簽署協議
4. Start listing 開始上架

You can email to for further information.
欲了解詳情,請發送電郵至 查詢。

Selling Products

In 2019, Mytheast conducted the surveys on purchasing Buddha Statue with 1033 English speakers who are interested in Buddha statue. According to our survey results, about 62% of respondents have purchased Buddha statue. The statistics are as follows:
Mytheast 於2019年對1033名對佛像感興趣、操英語的人士進行了有關購買佛像的問卷調查。 根據我們的調查結果,約62%的受訪者曾購買佛像。 統計數據如下:

Unlike eastern countries, westerners often buy a Buddha statue for their Buddhist practice and appreciation of the Buddha's teachings. It is common for people to buy Buddha statues when they are creating a Zen garden or if they are looking to set it up as an ornament in the house. Many believe that Buddha statue can encourage self-affirming attitudes and enable concentrated meditative practice. Apart from that, some of them are uninterested in religion but respect Buddhism and regard these statues as artwork. There are many reasons for people to have Buddha statues, as shown in the chart below:

For more details, please refer to Our Report.

Selling Buddha statues to the USA

Our survey shows that the USA is an important market. Due to the normal trade relations between Hong Kong and the USA, the rates of duty of statues and statuettes, valued over $2.50 each and produced by professional sculptors or directly from molds made from original models produced by professional sculptors are free.

For more details, please refer to Harmonized Tariff Schedule by the USA.

On dutiable items, a charge of US$1 is collected from the addressee for customs clearance and delivery.

An invoice of sale of bill is required for personal shipments. Commercial shipments under USD $2000 must be accompanied by a special invoice giving more details of the consignment such as country of origin, buying and selling prices, currency used, etc. The invoice should be attached to the surface of the parcel preferably in an envelope bearing a superscription “Invoice Enclosed”.
私人付運的貨物須附有發票或銷售單據。價值2000美元以下商業付運的貨品必須夾附特別的發票,詳細說明付運貨物資料,如原產地、買賣價格、使用的貨幣等。有關發票應放入註明 “Invoice Enclosed” (內附發票)字樣的信封內,然後貼上包裹的表面。

If the value of the commercial goods contained in a parcel (or in several parcels sent at the same item by one sender to the same addressee) exceed USD $2000, the parcel(s) will require formal entry to the USA.

For more details, please refer to Hongkong Post.