About Us

Mytheast (神話東方有限公司/ Mytheast Limited) is an international platform promoting animal rights, and Buddhist art and culture to the people, especially the political and business community around the world. Mytheast turns charity into a business model. Business can bring more resources and we will use these resources for charity. At least 25% of our profits will be donated to support animal protection or Buddhism.

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We donate to:

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations (UN) aimed at promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in education, the sciences, and culture.

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World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. It's mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. 

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International Tiger Project

The International Tiger Project (ITP) is a not-for-profit project for tiger conservation, rainforest protection and local community partnerships, in order to protect and save the entire ecosystem and biodiversity of habitats shared by tigers.

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International Elephant Project

The International Elephant Project (IEP) is a not-for-profit project for elephant conservation, rainforest protection and local community partnerships, in order to protect an save the entire ecosystem and biodiversity of habitats shared by elephants.

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Canadian Polar Bear Habitat

The Canadian Polar Bear Habitat is a registered non-profit charity. It is dedicated to improving the standard of care for polar bears around the world and learning as much as possible to help guide global conservation efforts for wild bears.

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House of Joy and Mercy 阿棍屋

House of Joy and Mercy is a non-profit organization established by Ms. Ivy Tse in 2015. It is dedicated to saving abandoned and sick cats and dogs and taking care of them.

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Kelly Animals Shelter

Kelly Animals Shelter founded in 2008 with the great aim to save and care for the abandoned animals in Hong Kong. Currently, Kelly Animals Shelter provides a safe home for more than 170 homeless dogs and cats.

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Plum Village 

Plum Village, near Bordeaux in southwest France, is the largest international practice center in the Plum Village tradition, and the first monastic community founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) in the West.

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LAM Chi Wing Gordon

Chairman's Message

As the first international platform of integrating cultural promotion, charity, and commerce founded in Hong Kong, Mytheast’s advantages in digital marketing, eCommerce business models and international connection facilitate the traditional culture and goods' entry into the overseas markets. Internet technology provides powerful communication and marketing tools. We raised the concept of the integration of culture and technology in modern-day style. We are dedicated to promoting, preserving and internationalizing traditional Buddhist art as well as East Asian culture.

Today, we are recognized not only for our insistence on acting for the benefit of the world and the environment but also for the connection with our supporters. Being a leading culture platform in the international market, we highly emphasize on maintaining the interaction with our supporters. We have spent a lot of time in brand building and increasing the visibility of our website in the search engine. Our achievements today do not come easy. We are pleased to see that people are becoming more interested in East Asian Buddhist art culture.

We look forward to cooperating with all industry partners having a keen interest in our work and sharing the fruits of success. Together, we strive to promote East Asian culture and goods to the world and grow our business for a prosperous future.

Gordon LAM
Founder and Chairman

Our Story

HO Chi Wa Kenny

Kenny HO
Co-founder and CEO

Our co-founder and CEO, Kenny HO Chi Wa is a youngster from Hong Kong. After entering university, he got Brain Cancer and was in critical condition at one time. However, Kenny is a sturdy fighter who can finally beat the disease.

In 2017, Kenny journeyed to Dunhuang and visited Mogao Caves and Crescent Lake. As a small town at the gateway to the Silk Road, Dunhuang plays an important role in shaping traditional Buddhist art. Dunhuang grottoes are museums of ancient arts and the intersection of Western and Oriental civilizations. Kenny is enchanted at such beautiful art and culture. He deeply thinks that traditional Buddhist art is a cultural heritage. It does not only belong to East Asia but also the world. It does not only belong to us but also the future generation. In the days that followed, he endeavors to share the beauty of traditional Buddhist art with the world. This is also one of the missions of Mytheast.

Apart from that, Kenny is also an animal protectionist and vegan. Once, he saw the pork meat processing. A pig got slaughtered but the pig did not die. The pig wanted to live and kept walking around and crying. Kenny learns that all creatures have the right to live, which is the same as humans. Then he decided to promote animal rights and veganism. He wants to build a world with equality between humans and animals and Mytheast is established for that. He plans to make promoting veganism and animal rights his lifelong career. 

Goodwill Ambassador 

HO Chi Wa Kenny

Goodwill Ambassador

PikaPika, a one-year-old lazy kitten adopted from an animal rescue organization in Hong Kong. He only likes eating and sleeping. Now he is the goodwill ambassador of Mytheast.