About Us

Mytheast (神話東方有限公司/ Mytheast Limited) is a Hong Kong company, we are dedicated to providing peace and happiness. We share great East Asian Buddhist and traditional art with others. Much of it has its roots in Buddhism, but this is not a site about religion. What we do is to share the goodness across the world.

If you are looking for the Chinese Buddhist art that an outsider simply wouldn't know about, and would definitely regret to have missed. Mytheast can help you.

We have been acknowledged by The Hong Kong Trade Development Council to be an export agent for Buddha statue. 

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Our Story

In 2017, our founder took a Dunhuang Caves adventure. As a small town at the gateway to the Silk Road, Dunhuang plays an important role in shaping Chinese Buddhist art. Our founder is enchanted at such beautiful art and culture. He deeply thinks that Chinese Buddhist art is a cultural heritage. It does not only belong to China but also the world. In the days that followed, he endeavours to promote Chinese Buddhist art to the world and Mytheast is established for that.


Mytheast works in cooperation with trusted organisations and leading corporations. They are as diverse as our global networks.

* The following list is in alphabetical order

  • Compass Innovation Alliance 司南創新聯盟
  • Eco Association 環保生態協會
  • FUZI Chamber 夫子會
  • Min Xi Tang Chinese Culture Media Company 旻禧堂中國文化傳播有限公司
  • Sinofuture Group 中國未來投資集團有限公司