Cat Training Crash Course

How to call your cat to come

Many people say that cats are not easy to train. In fact, cats can be trained. Cats can come when you call. Then I will share some methods and steps today. As long as you do practice step by step, then in the future, maybe your cat will come easily when you call him.

Okay, before you start training, you need to prepare the following things. First, you need a cat that loves to eat. Secondly, the thing you need to prepare is a delicious treat that your cat likes. If your cat doesn’t like to eat, you may need about three to five weeks. Then during this period, please suspend any snacks for your cat. If your cat likes canned food more than common feed, please just give the cat the most common feed for the time being. Because if your cat usually eats canned food or these snacks every day, he will not be too interested in the reward. That will affect your training. After the above is ready, we will start our practice. That exercise is very simple, but please pay attention to it. Please do not do it too fast or too long. You only need to do 10 times in each stage. Then you can take a break. If your cat doesn’t like eating that much, or it’s easy to get distracted or bored. Then you just do 5 times and take a break.

We will start with simple training and slowly increase the difficulty. So I will not be too far away from the cat at the beginning. I will start from a short distance, about two steps or so. I will call the cat, just like "Jack, come!" When the cat comes over, you can let your cat get used to sitting down, and then give him the food to eat. You should say the same command every time. In the future, when the cat hears the word "come", he knows that there will be something to eat when he comes over to you. I will probably repeat this stage. About four to five times, I will take a break. Don’t wait until the cat is not interested. Then after a minute or two, I will put it back, take this snack and start the next stage of practice. Then I will adjust the distance a little bit in the next stage. It may be four to five steps away from the cat. Then use the same command. Come back to find me to eat.

If you have successfully achieved the above exercise, then slowly, you may not necessarily take the food in your hand. You can hide it in your pocket. That is, we do not hold food in our hands. Don't let your cat see it. When the cat comes to us, he will sit down and I will take this food out of my pocket and let him eat.

The last stage is that if you do the above exercises later. You find that your cat has changed. When he hears the word "come", he will be very happy to run over to you. At this time you can give him snacks. Let the reward becomes random. That is, every time the cat comes to me, I will give him snacks every time. Slowly, I will change it into he comes to me 3 times, I will give him 1 time, or It was him who came to me 5 times, and then I only gave snacks 1 time. Or 10 times, 20 times, and there will be 1 of them for snacks. Let this thing be a completely random reward. It is impossible for the cat to guess when you will give him a random reward, but it will make the cat will be more looking forward to coming back to find you. 

This is the transcript of cat training crash course by Tony Chan, a professional animal expert in Hong Kong 



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