Reusable Natural Bamboo Makeup Remover Pad Sample


Disposable products are ruining our planet......

Mytheast supports animal protection. Our profits will be donated to save animals. In order to promote environmentalism, Mytheast provides reusable natural bamboo makeup remover pads. Each pad can be reused hundreds of times. By following our Instagram account, you are supporting animal protection. Also, you can get 1~3 reusable pad samples. The samples will be sent via Hongkong Post.
Mytheast支持保護動物,我們的收益會捐贈作保護動物用途。為了推廣環保,Mytheast提供可重用天然竹纖維卸妝棉。每片卸妝棉可重覆使用數百次以上。透過追蹤我們的Instagram帳號,您就等同支持保護動物。此外,您將獲得1〜3個可重用卸妝棉樣本。 樣本將通過香港郵政寄出。

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