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Today Lesser Known Animal:

Metcalfa pruinosa

This image originates from Didier Descouens

Metcalfa pruinosa, the citrus flatid planthopper, is a species of insect in the Flatidae family of planthoppers first described by Thomas Say in 1830. Adults of Metcalfa pruinosa can reach a length of 5.5–8 millimetres (7⁄32–5⁄16 in) and a width of 2–3 millimetres (5⁄64–1⁄8 in) at the widest point. They are initially whitish. The color of adults may vary from brown to gray, in connection with the presence of a bluish white epicuticular wax, covering especially the nymphs.

Source: Wikipedia

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Last Update: JULY 02, 2022

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