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Today Lesser Known Animal:
Euspinolia militaris

This image originates from Chris Lukhaup.

Euspinolia militaris is a species of wasp in the family Mutillidae. Though it is a wingless wasp, it has sometimes been referred to by the name panda ant. This species was discovered in 1938, and inhabits the Chilean sclerophyll forests. It has been referred to as the "panda ant" due to its coloration; with white coat covering all of its head except the eyes, and black and white spots appearing over the rest of its body. The coloration is aposematic, serving as a warning to predators of its painful and powerful sting. Females are wingless and males have wings. They measure up to 8 millimeters in length. They are ectoparasites of mature larvae or pre-pupae of other insects as is true of other mutillids, with females using the ovipositor to insert eggs into host brood cells, and for stinging (for defense).

Source: Wikipedia

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Last Update: JULY 06, 2020

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