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Today Extinct Animal:

Raiatea parakeet

This image originates from Mr intelo

The Raiatea parakeet or Society parakeet (Cyanoramphus ulietanus), also known as the Society kakariki or brown-headed parakeet, is an extinct parakeet of the genus Cyanoramphus. The Raiatea parakeet averaged 25 cm (9.75 to 10 inches) in length. Its head was chocolate brown, paler on the neck, rump, and wings. The bill showed a pale bluish grey hue and had a black tip. The lower back and tail coverts exhibited a rufous brown colouring. The underwing coverts and outer webs to flight feathers were greyish blue. The breast, abdomen, and undertail coverts were olive yellow. The mid-rectrices were olive brown and outer rectrices grey. The irises were orange red in adults and brown in juveniles. The feet were greyish brown. Males and females were not sexually dimorphic.

Source: Wikipedia

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Last Update: MAY 31, 2023