Nepal Rudraksha Bodhi Beads Bracelet
Nepal Rudraksha Bodhi Beads Bracelet
Nepal Rudraksha Bodhi Beads Bracelet
Nepal Rudraksha Bodhi Beads Bracelet

Nepal Rudraksha Bodhi Beads Bracelet

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"Karma is action. Every act has a result. That is karma. If you perform positive karma, it will continue very well. It will help you and help other people. So karma should be understood in a positive way also. To product a thought of loving-kindness, compassion and understanding. Doing something to help people suffer less is a wonderful karma." by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Karma leads to future consequences, which are "the fruits of action". Human beings are destroying our earth and treating other creatures like slaves. Let's support animal protection and create positive karma and build up a better future for ourselves and our next generation now.
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Zen House provides inspiring collection, such as Buddhist statues, singing bowls, zafu, meditation mala, yoga jewelry and more, to feed the spirit and inspire the mind.

Product Description

Beads Size: about 20mm
The Number of Beads: 12
Weight: about 43 g
Meditation Prayer Necklace / Bracelet

Rudraksha is a seed of a specific tree that grows in a certain altitude in the mountains. The term “rudraksha” is a compound of “rudra” and “aksha.” Rudra is one particular form of Shiva, also known as the Roarer. “Aksha” means “tear drops”. The legend goes that once, Shiva, after many millennia of meditation, opened his eyes. Such was the bliss and ecstasy that pervaded his body, that a tear drop trickled from his eye and fell to the ground, to become a Rudraksha tree.

These seeds are said to carry a vary specific energy, and it is said that that they will increase clarity and general awareness, calm the central nervous system, aid in quieting the mind, and free negative thought.
[The Bodhi Tree]
The Bodhi Tree ("tree of awakening"), also called the Bodhi Fig Tree or Bo Tree. Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, is said to have attained enlightenment circa 500 BCE under it.



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